JOY-Baby small milk pan instant noodle pot non-stick pan household baby food supplement soup pot gas cooker universal 22CM


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Naturally synthesized Maifanite material: Non-stick pan is used for cooking food and heating blocks.
Applicable stove: induction stove, gas stove;
Product application: stewed meat, hot milk, baby food supplement, instant noodles, fried vegetables, etc.
Matters needing attention in Maifan stone milk pot:
1. It is generally recommended to use a wooden shovel or silicone shovel,
2. After cooking seafood, please clean the pan and let it dry as soon as possible.
3. Wash the pot with boiling water for the first time.
4. Do not dry the pot for a long time.
5. After using the pot, be sure to dry it with a towel.

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